Course Content

Chapter 1: The Church Defined
Chapter 2: The Church: The Body of Christ
Chapter 3: The Church: The Bride of Christ
Chapter 4: The Church: The Temple of God
Chapter 5: The Church: The Army of God
Chapter 6: The Church: The Family of God
Chapter 7: The Church: The New Nation
Chapter 8: The Church: The Field of God
Chapter 9: How to Join a Church
Chapter 10: How to Leave a Church
Chapter 11: The Purpose and Mission of the Church
Chapter 12: The Glorious Church: A People of Unity
Chapter 13: The Glorious Church: Unity in the Church
The Glorious Church: The Bride Made Ready

The Bible describes the Church as the Bride of Christ. As His bride, we are in the process of being made ready for Him. This is the focal point of this manual, the Glorious Church.

We must get a revelation of the intimate relationship between Christ and His Church.

The way we treat one another is the way we treat Him, so if we neglect the Church, we neglect Him. If we bless the Church, we bless Him.

Great strides would be made if we would see Christians start loving their local church, getting behind the vision, and beginning to serve God in a tangible way. 

This subject is written to bring an understanding of the Church and the Head of the Church who is in the midst of the churches (Revelation 1:13, 20). It is my desire to see the wounded Body of Christ healed, restored, and refreshed.