August Newsletter 2021


Praise the Lord friends and partners of DUSOM! A lot has happened since our last newsletter which was sent out in April. I really want to thank you for supporting us at Destiny Uganda-School of Ministry. A special thanks to those who have been able to help with contributions for food through our “Operation Good Neighbor” outreach program. Joseph Bocek from Ottawa Illinois has joined the mission here in Western Uganda. Many have come to Christ and have been healed through his ministry here. Evangelism is a daily lifestyle with him and a day doesn’t go by without hearing a testimony of what God is doing with those he has been able to reach.. He has also helped with the Ahava waste management project.

Uganda as a nation went back into lockdown due to a significant increase of Covid-19 cases that filled hospitals in the middle of June. The problem was compounded with imposed restrictions which greatly limited travel and business. This has affected the income of many households causing many people to go without food. This has resulted in the creation of an outreach program called “Operation Good Neighbor.” With the wisdom of God, the outreach has impacted many families within the Hoima Uganda area. With a number of our partners' help, we have connected with more than 20 local pastors and through them we have been able to network in helping those in need. There are many testimonies now connected to “Operation Good Neighbor” from salvations, saved marriages and food showing up just at the right time. This outreach brings glory to God and has really given many hope.

With lockdown travel restrictions put into place, we had to put Destiny Uganda-School of Ministry classes on hold in Kukumaro District because of the travel restrictions. This has worked to our benefit as it has allowed us to make some beneficial adjustments to the program there. Here in Hoima District, we have been able to start two small classes during the lockdown. During the lockdown we wanted to be careful not to draw too much attention to what we were doing as they enforce the restrictions of church gatherings here. The current ongoing classes involve our team members and workers and the other class is made up of a few members of Hoima Manifest Church who have joined in the vision of raising up leaders in the local churches in Western Uganda. Pastor Isaac and his wife Furaha have a heart for the entire church of Western Uganda, especially the younger generation. They have a heart for excellence and are submitted to Apostle Grace Lubega of Phaneroo Church in Kampala Uganda. He is one of the leading ministers in all of Africa and has ministries all over the world.

In mid June we started our internal class at our ministry office at Hoima Manifest. Then started the second class at the beginning of July. DUSOM is my passion and is now where I put most of my time and effort. The need for good ministry training is very much needed in western Uganda. In Uganda laws have been passed requiring pastors to have government approved ministerial education through the Ministry of Education. We are in the process of pursuing needed requirements and approval. We are assured that we will see this come to pass soon. It was not in our original plan but fits easily in our plan and will be beneficial to many. Ministry training and education will be done with a standard of excellence that will cause a great impact in many lives all over the world.

On September 3rd, UGSOM will officially be opened to outside students here in Hoima. We have been meeting with several local pastors concerning the School of Ministry with overwhelming support. Classes will be taught in the Runaro language and English. Our teaching director and head translator and I will primarily be teaching the Pastors class and Pastor Isaac along with my wife will focus on teaching the up and coming leaders classes. In the future we have a desire to offer classes in other local languages that are spoken in the western Ugandan Regions. We are also adding a number of classes that we feel are relevant here in Uganda. Many are so hungry for the Word of God here but there has been a lack of good sound teaching and training. We desire to get the word out concerning what God is doing here through the ministry. We need financial partners that can help support the vision. To properly operate the school it will require more financial support than what the students can afford at this time. Most Pastors here make between $100 and $150 a month. As they learn about faith and biblical Kingdom of God principles, we know their economic situations will significantly improve. But until that happens it will require support from the Body of Christ.

The work here is good ground to sow into. Destiny-Uganda has a destiny call to raise up leaders in the Body of Christ that will impact nations all over the world. When I arrived in Uganda in 2019, the Lord imparted to a glimpse of His plans here in western Uganda. Many times since then the Lord confirmed and has revealed more parts to the vision to keep us moving forward. I want to thank everyone for your faithfulness in how God may have you support the mission.

May the Lord almighty bless you,
- Pastor Gary Ernat
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