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Gary Ernat, along with his wife Topister, are the founders of Destiny Uganda - School of Ministry, Gary Ernat International Limited and co-founders of Ahava Creations which are all in Uganda, Africa. Gary Ernat has been called to Uganda to establish the Kingdom of God by expressing God’s love through Kingdom businesses and also by the preaching and demonstration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gary and Topister are members and part of Abundant Life Fellowship Ministry in LaSalle, Illinois. They serve as ministers under the covering of Pastor Robert (Chico) Perez and his wife Jane. Gary is a member of Associated Interdependent Ministries International where he currently holds his ministerial credentials. He is also a certified school provider through Global Ministries and Relief with Dr. Leon van Rooyen. Gary also is part of Warrior Notes School of Ministry with Dr. Kevin Zadai

Gary and Topister are in full-time ministry in Uganda, Africa serving the Victory Church organization in Western Uganda along with Bishop Besigye Gervasio. Bishop is a leading Apostle over more than 150 churches in the western villages in Uganda serving the District of Kakumaro and is the head pastor of Victory Christian Ministries in Igayaza, Uganda. Bishop Besigye is also the founder and overseer of the ministries Primary and Senior School in the Village of Igayaza. Gary’s wife, Pastor Topister was raised up through Victory Ministry and was the leading trainer of their outreach and church praise teams. She is a gifted singer and songwriter, as well as a powerful preacher and teacher of the Word of God, who operates in a powerful anointing. Gary and Topister fellowship at Hoima Christian Fellowship in Hoima City, the community where they currently reside. Bishop Nicholas Kosaiga is the pastor and is a leading Apostle overseeing many of the churches within that city and district. They are currently making plans with Bishop Nicholas to expand the School of Ministry in the Hoima District.

Gary traveled to Uganda for the first time in June of 2019 where he was able to minister to local pastors and church members, and had the opportunity to preach the gospel in evangelistic crusade meetings. He was able to see many come to the Lord along with witnessing the demonstration of the power of God. He spent a month traveling to a number of small rural villages in the west central region of Uganda.

Prior to coming to Uganda, Gary became involved in a school project by helping support the building of a container based toilet facility at a small Christian school near Igayaza, Uganda. This project was the open door for him to walk through allowing him to get involved in some of their current on-going projects that involve both humanitarian Kingdom work and Kingdom business pertaining to waste management in Uganda

During the time in 2019 that Gary was in Uganda, he met a young Ugandan woman by the name of Nakasanke Topister and fell in love. In March of 2020 they were married in her home village of Kiboijana and had a traditional Ugandan wedding. Then in the next couple days following the ceremony, the US borders were closed and the entire nation of Uganda went into a hard lockdown due to the covid pandemic. Gary’s two week wedding stay ended up becoming a five month adventure. It was during this time God was able to start building the foundation of the ministry to which Gary is called.

During the lockdown time, Gary and Topister were able to work with local ministries in helping to feed the hungry and completed a public composting toilet project in a small fishing village located along Lake Albert near the Republic of Congo. The project opened doors that resulted in an invitation to present a waste management plan to the Office of the Prime Minister in Uganda. The Lord had spoken to Gary prior to his travels to Uganda pertaining to an international call on his life to change nations. Through God’s prophet in 2018 the call was confirmed and then things started happening quickly. God, through his prophet, told Gary that he would have favor with legalities and government officials giving him influence to impact nations. Gary has watched God’s grace upon his life open doors that no man could ever open. The call of God upon Gary’s life is being watched by many as God is bringing what He promised to pass. On Thursday, February 25, 2021, Destiny Uganda - School of Ministry was successfully launched in the rural Village of Igayaza. Some of the poorest villages in the world are in this area. The first class consists of 40 students who are already pastors or church leaders of several small churches in the Kakumaro District in Western Uganda. Many of these students will become future teachers during the next school term.

Gary and his team are translating 15 bible school textbooks from English to Luganda (the common language in Uganda) so that leaders can be raised up to establish the Kingdom of God. The vision is to see 1,000 students graduate from the school by the end of 2023. Many of the graduates will be raised up to go into the all the world and preach the Gospel. The Lord has put it on Gary’s heart that missionaries will be raised up and sent to the USA in years to come to bring in the end time harvest. The United States has sown missionaries carrying the gospel into Uganda for over the past 100 years and the USA will receive a harvest of the gospel preached and demonstrated from Uganda. God is raising up many, from what the world considers the least, so that He may get the glory.

Gary resides full time in Uganda with Topister and their son Tendo, but travels back and forth to the USA. He shares with the world the vision God has given him for Uganda, and encourages believers to fulfill God’s plan and purpose in their lives. The Kingdom of God is as seed time and harvest and there are opportunities for believers to advance the Kingdom of God through supporting the on-going work in Uganda through partnership that creates a net that brings in the harvest. The vision is big, but we serve a big God who works through His own sons and daughters and is faithful to supply seed to the sower. Gary and his wife have a number of testimonies of what God has done and what He is doing in Uganda that encourages and builds the faith of those who hear. The foundation is already being laid to be able to help thousands of people through treating pit latrines. They are using natural, organic products that eliminate foul toilet odors, eliminate flies and eliminate bad bacteria that causes sickness through the use of effective microorganisms. This is a tool that is opening the door to develop relationships with entire communities and to save lives through the reduction of sickness and diseases. These types of good works help open the hearts of people in the villages to be able to receive the good news of the Gospel. Gary and his ministry team are also involved in growing food used to feed the hungry. They have been given the use of several acres of land to grow crops to also help those that are in need.

Destiny Uganda-School of Ministry soon will be starting a radio program out of Hoima that will reach thousands weekly. The program will focus on bible teaching because although there is a lot of preaching in Uganda, there has been a lack of solid biblical teaching that brings about transformation in people's lives.

Gary and Topister have given their lives to God for the work of the ministry and in a short period of time they are seeing lives changed and believe that God is using them to disciple a nation. They live by faith through the support of those who have a giving heart and want to see the great commission fulfilled. Please consider being a part of what God is doing through the ministry in Uganda through a monthly gift in support of the ministry.

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